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Boosting the growth of a startup property investment company.

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Track Capital is a property investment company in London. They help investors find and acquire buy-to-let apartments across the UK’s main cities. The founders started the business in early 2020 after years of working in the property sector.

After a couple of months running their marketing with mixed success, Track Capital approached us for help. They wanted to utilise SEO as a means of generating a stream of qualified leads for their properties.

We set targets to rank for three types of keywords:

  1. Broad terms, e.g. Property Investment Company
  2. Location terms, e.g. Property Investment Company Manchester
  3. Property names, e.g. St Anne’s Gardens

Our varied approach mixed easier, short-term targets (property names) with competitive, long-term targets (broad).


  • From 0 keywords ranking on the first page of Google to 33 within 12 months, of which a third are in positions 1-3
  • A return on investment of over 1,100%
  • Combined with highly successful campaigns through Facebook and Google Ads, Track Capital have been able to scale their business with multiple new hires.
  • Coverage in The Times, Daily Express, and various industry-specific publications from our outreach campaigns.

“Consistent positive results from the work Cabana have done for us.

They’re easy to work with, reliable, and they do a quality job for our company.”

Nick Hyland, Founding Director at Track Capital

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