Case Study: Gerald Edelman

Supporting a Top50 Accountancy Firm past its traditional routes and into the digital age.

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Gerald Edelman is a Top50 accountancy firm based in London. With routes stretching back to 1946, the firm helps individuals and businesses with a huge range of accounting and business services – from tax compliance to M&A support.

Traditionally, the firm has relied on networking and face-to-face relationship building to find new clients. However, when coronavirus restrictions limited such activities in early 2020, the firm knew it was time to explore other means of generating new business and, in particular, digital channels like SEO and PPC.

The marketing team at Gerald Edelman approached Cabana for support with setting and implementing a long-term SEO strategy for the business. Immediately, it was obvious to us that Gerald Edelman was a prestigious firm with a stellar reputation in the industry. They also had a strong brand, a well-designed website, and clear messaging about their values.

But amongst all of this, there was little consideration for SEO. As an example, their services were displayed in a bullet point list on a single page on the site. Compared to their competitors, who had detail-rich, well-optimised pages covering each service, the firm stood no chance of ranking for service-related keywords (e.g. tax accountants).

So we set about solving this problem. We focused primarily on developing and optimising new pages for each service, but we’ve also supplemented that work with informational content across the blog, resolving minor technical issues to ensure the site is clean and well-structured, and an outreach campaign that has landed Gerald Edelman coverage in various industry publications.

A year later, our approach has resulted in a huge improvement in rankings, traffic, and leads generated through the website.


  • From ranking for 0 keywords related to their services to 45 in the top 100 positions, 20 in top 20, 13 in top 10, and 6 in top 3 within the first 12 months. With much more to come in year two.
  • From 0 impressions for keywords related to their services to 2,000+ a day

“We’ve been impressed with the knowledge and guidance that they’ve provided.

They’re always there to support us and point us in the right direction about anything that we aren’t sure about.”

Rukayyah Robun, Marketing Executive at Gerald Edelman

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